How Much Data Storage Do You Need?

computer filesIt’s no doubt that we live in a digital world, almost everything we do is connected to some form of technology. From smartphones to tablets to computers, we place a lot of trust in technology to store a lot of information. In fact, some laptop and computer owners consider their PCs their most prized possession. They can store a lot of information, documents and an assortment of files that are important to them. From photos to music to TV shows, just about everything can be saved and accessed on a computer. That being said, onboard computer storage can be a very important factor when shopping for a PC.  The question is, how much storage do you need?

While you certainly could look at the newest computers on the market with the higher capacity hard drives, however, it might not be worth the high price.  So what are the options when you want a computer with a sufficient amount of storage space and you don’t want to spend a fortune? A simple solution is to consider a pre-owned/certified PC for your computing needs. Pre-owned/certified computers are more affordable than the latest models and some models can offer more storage than some of the new computers on the market.

If you’re a casual computer user that plans to save pictures, documents, music and other files like TV shows or movies, you may not need a high capacity hard drive.  For instance, a basic and portable 16GB flash drive can store 2,730 songs (6MB size per song) or 8,192 pictures (2MB size per photo).  If you have that many songs or pictures, kudos to you because that’s literally thousands of files!  With this example, you can get an idea of where we are going in terms of hard drive storage and size since the average computer has anywhere between 100GB of storage capacity to 500GB or more!

Keeping the aforementioned numbers in mind, one can estimate how much storage space you will need for all of your files.  While there are other considerations, such as the size of installed programs that consume hard drive space, you’ll save a significant amount of money on a pre-owned/certified computer because it will most likely have the right amount of storage capacity for your needs.  In addition, you can rely on a pre-owned/certified computer that was refurbished by Joy Systems because it goes through a rigorous reconditioning process to ensure it is in tip-top shape.  On top of that, Joy Systems provides a 1 year warranty and technical support!

At the end of the day, casual PC users can get an affordable pre-owned/certified computer with a sufficient amount of data storage.  An important fact to remember, if you require more data storage space, external hard drives and flash drives are inexpensive options to store and back-up your data.